The aim of Learning@Trikaal Capital is to help students get a bright job in financial sector.
We ensure that students get interview calls from good companies and we also prepare students to face the interviews. After going through our online package, students would get a definite edge over other students and would be confidant to face any interviews or exams. 

Financial Sector is dynamic, career opportunities keep changing, only experts who are already in the industry can prepare students for best jobs. 

Suitable for:

MBA (marketing/ finance both), B.Com, B.A., B Sc, LLB, and Engineering students

It is a myth that only MBAs are recruited in financial sector. There are many job profiles, suiting candidates from different streams. Once you join FIN-PLACEMENT package, you can find various jobs suiting your profile. We also assist you personally in finding the right job profile matching your skills, as well as in upgrading yourself for best jobs.


Complete package for a Bright Career in Financial Sector

The FIN-PLACEMENT package has three main sections -

  1. Arranging Interview Calls
  2. Building the required Knowledge Base
  3. Understanding the Current Events (national/global business & economy)

A - Arranging Interview Calls

Getting interview calls is the first and very difficult task. Since we do not charge anything from companies, so, we are their preferred source of candidate resumes. Plus, we have tie-ups with over 600 reputed recruitment consultants and over 1000 companies all over India, so we can ensure that students will get good interview calls. Students can get jobs in banks, KPOs, NBFCs, consulting firms, private equity firms, stock brokers, mutual funds, hedge funds, and insurance companies.

B - Building the required Knowledge Base

FIN-PLACEMENT package includes a complete online training program "Financial Markets". It covers the following topics –

  1. Wealth Management – Concepts, needs, asset classes, risk-return, financial planning
  2. Securities Markets – Concepts, structure, instruments, intermediaries, equities, debt, fundamental analysis, portfolio management
  3. Primary Markets - Concepts, regulation, investors, issue process, 
  4. Secondary Markets – Concepts, trade execution, settlement, RMS
  5. Mutual Funds – Concepts, types, working, regulation, SIP, MF analysis
  6. Derivatives Markets - Concepts, structure, risk management, cost & benefits

The content uses simple self explanatory language with real life examples, quizzes, assignments, and audio-video clips.

C - Understanding the Current Events (national/global business & economy)

Many students find it difficult to understand the headline news of business newspapers, and as a result, they shy away from reading these newspapers, which is a big mistake.

We have a ‘Money World’ section that is updated every week to explain the week’s business headlines in simple to understand language and the impact of events on businesses, economy, and financial markets. This step is crucial to build students’ interest as well as confidence.

Additional Benefits of FIN-PLACEMENT

1. Personal Career Advice –

Students will get personal answers online to all their career queries and will get career guidance based on their aptitude and abilities

2. Certification

FIN-PLACEMENT package will help students in clearing the online exam for the below mentioned certification exam conducted by NISM. These online exams are conducted in NSE exam centers at over 200 locations across India.

NISM Series-XII: Securities Markets Foundation Certification Examination

About the exam: The NISM-Series-XII: Securities Markets Foundation Certification Examination is for entry level professionals, who wish to make a career in the securities markets. This certification examination will also be useful to all those individuals who are interested in acquiring a basic knowledge of the Indian Securities markets, including students.

Content and Practice Tests: Our content fully covers the topics of this certification exam and we offer a number of online practice tests, so that students are prepared and confident to face the real exam.

Why Online Learning

There are many benefits of online learning -

  • Comfort, flexibility, and convenience

  • Multiple formats to learn, ease of learning

  • Online courses look great on a resume, especially with certification

  • Immediate and comprehensive feedback on tests

  • Self paced learning

  • Very low cost

  • Networking opportunities with other students, teachers, as well as employers

  • Access to study material anytime anywhere

  • Access to expertise

  • It develops self discipline

Online learning programs offer the best convenience, students can study at a time whenever they plan to do so. Plus, it offers online assessment quizzes with instant results and feedback with complete answers. And, it is supported by personal online guidance for any career related queries.

Program Fee:

Individual package: Rs 3000 per student.

Institutional Package: If more than 20 students join from an institute, the fees would be only Rs 2100 per student.

How to Join

Individual students can pay online through our website. For institutional package, the total fees has to be paid by NEFT in our bank account. We will then create login ids for them and they can immediately access the program online.

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