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Foundation of Wealth

Foundation of Wealth is an online course helping you to understand investments and to take better investment decisions. You also get free lifetime access to our monthly career guidance magazine, monthly investment insights magazine, and also personal guidance.
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It is a unique and exciting course that explains the process of wealth creation in simple language with the help of text, presentations, quizzes, and videos. Its main objective is to enable you to take better personal investment decisions.

This course has nothing to do with textbook economics or finance, no demand-supply, no boring theories, no mind twisting numerical questions.

Wealth creation needs starting early on your investments. And the best way to learn investments is to get absolute clarity on the building blocks of wealth - economy, industries, and companies. We have taken an innovative practical approach to explain this topic and there is absolutely no need for any prior knowledge

This course will enable you to understand issues like - how government policies impact economy and investments, why there are global trade and currency wars, what is the future of our economy, why some industries grow for decades while some suddenly collapse, what makes companies like Infosys or Tata Steel reach such commanding heights, how can we assess future of economy, industries, and companies, …  

Whether you are a student, businessman, or an employed person; this course is indispensable for you.

Three words should summarize this course - exciting, useful, & profitable.

FREE – Lifetime free Career Guidance and Access to our investment research

Selecting the right field for higher studies and the right industry for work are the MOST crucial decisions of life. Take informed decisions, based on our in-depth insights on economy and industries. The world is changing at an unprecedented speed, new careers are emerging and many are on verge of extinction. Any wrong decision can be devastating for your child.

We are in the best position to guide you as it is an integral part of our research to identify the sunrise industries, fast growth careers, and skills that will be in maximum demand.


On subscribing to the course, you will receive a monthly career guidance online magazine (free for your lifetime) which will include the following topics:

  • The job trends
  • The best cities for jobs
  • The best companies to work for (Indian as well as foreign)
  • The best universities for higher education (Indian as well as foreign)
  • The best courses for bright future careers
  • The careers facing the threat of extinction
  • The skills that will be in maximum demand
  • The best industries for long term career growth
  • New careers

Plus, you will also receive our monthly investment insights newsletter (again, free for lifetime) by email, that will help you in taking the right investment decisions.

PERSONAL QUERY SOLUTIONS - Get lifetime free personal guidance for career and investments.


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